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Transfer students find academic success and a place to belong at Hamline


 Transferring to a new university may seem like a daunting prospect, but Hamline students who have gone through the process say they have found all the support and resources they needed along the way.

“Everyone is here to help you,” senior communication studies major Haakan Light said. “There’s a real willingness to be flexible and work with students especially when it comes to transferring credits."

Light says that all the credits from his previous university transferred to Hamline, enabling him to graduate on time. Sociology major Emily Duncan will also graduate on schedule and had the option of studying abroad for a semester.

“Hamline provides a lot of really unique opportunities,” Duncan said. “The people are very friendly and open, and the university does a good job of weaving you into the fabric of the community.”

There is a residence floor in Drew Hall that is designated for transfer students who want to live on campus and be with students who are also going through a similar transition. For those who live off campus, there’s Commuter Connections in the Bush Student Center—a cozy spot to study, relax, or socialize between classes. The Office of Retention and Transfer Services also offers orientation, one-on-one advice, events, and programming specifically aimed at making the transition a smooth one.

“There’s a lot of support here for students both academically and socially,” Director of Retention and Transfer Student Services Monita Mohammadian Gray said. “Our transfer students range in age from 18 to 65, but they all come here for a common purpose--to get a great education and finish their degree at Hamline.”

Want to hear more from Hamline’s transfer students? Click here for a short YouTube video on their experiences.