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Hamline School of Business professor blogs on politics, the economy, and more

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Hamline University School of Business professor David Schultz is constantly in demand, conducting dozens of radio, television, newspaper, and online interviews each week on a variety of political and economic topics.

Now, his new blog, “Schultz’s Take,” allows him the opportunity to further develop ideas and invite conversations with the public.

“I spend a lot of time talking to reporters, and my blog is really an extension of that. Best of all, it’s in a format where I’m not limited to one or two short quotes. I can really expand on topics and explore them,” Schultz said. “Plus, it allows me to reach out to a new audience and to really invite comments and discussion on issues that are important to people."

Schultz’s blog topics cover the economy, state and national politics, current events, and he’s even got something to say about blogs themselves.

“No question blogs have become incredibly important both journalistically and politically,” Schultz said. “They have forced stories into the mainstream media and become a campaign tool."

Schultz is quick to add that while his blog discusses politics, he presents issues in a non-partisan manner. You can read more of Schultz’s musings and get involved in the conversation at http://schultzstake.blogspot.com/.