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Tips for Remote Learning from Hamline Experts


Lisa Nordeen and other staff from the Center Academic Success and Achievement (CASA) spent Spring Break 2020 with Assistant Provost Caroline Hilk, Nicole Nelson and other staff from the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) planning and preparing to move all Hamline undergraduate classes to an online environment.

“The faculty stepped up in a big way to make this possible,” said Nordeen. “Now, we want to make sure that students are ready to make the most of the technology and finish the semester strong.”

Get organized before getting started

Nordeen said that the first thing students should try to do is create a space for learning wherever they are “taking” their classes. As much as possible, make it quiet but make it your own and use it regularly.

“Faculty will be expecting students to show up for class and be accountable for the work, so the student’s space needs to help facilitate that,” said Nordeen.

Routine is also helpful. Establishing and maintaining a consistent schedule around classes will also lay the groundwork for success. One way to do this is to stick to the schedule set up by the professor because it creates structure. Calendars and paper organizers can help with this as well. Each individual can decide what works best for their learning style.

Prepare for each class

The classes are ‘real’ courses and need to be treated accordingly. For each class consider and understand the structure. For example, is the class is synchronous or asynchronous? What are the assignments and key due dates? Students should make sure they understand what are the important links and tools used by the professor.

“Students are still earning credit toward graduation during this time and so each class is serious,” said Nordeen.

Make the most of every class and take breaks

When students are taking a class, focus is important.

“It is tempting but students need to avoid multitasking during class,” said Nordeen.

Nordeen recommends that students continue to take notes on the readings and lectures. And, if learning asynchronuosly, to watch videos at normal speed. Accelerating the video will cause students to miss information.

“It is also important to take breaks from online learning,” said Nordeen. “I like the pomodoro technique, which means you set a timer for twenty to twenty-five minutes for work, take a short break, and then set the timer again and get back to work.”

Maintain communication

Stay connected to professors and classmates using all the technology available. Professors have office hours, use them. Use virtual tutors and the consultants at CASA. Set up google meet appointments with study groups and meet regularly.

“The most important thing, especially while we are all social distancing, is that students keep in touch with their professors, other students and the campus,” said Nordeen.

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