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Hamline student workers compete in first annual "Office Olympics"



Hamline University student workers got together Thursday to compete for inter-office bragging rights. The Olympics-themed event pitted “athletic” teams of student workers from Bush Library, Admissions, Mail Services, and Safety and Security. The teams competed in an office chair relay and letter assembly, a trash bag blow-up, and a paper airplane throwing competition.

“It was fun to feel like part of the festivities, especially to kick off a new event” said Jamison Hull, the Hamline senior who carried Hamline’s Olympic torch (which was a change from his regular student worker duties in the Accounting Office).

The Office Olympics were designed to complement the celebrations that the individual Hamline offices had for Student Worker Appreciation Week and to allow students to have a little fun. The event itself was organized by Human Resources under the leadership of Lori Larkin, manager for student employment. 

“My student workers were instrumental in organizing this,” Larkin said, “I just gave them my vision, and they went out and put this event together.”

In the end, the team from Safety and Security managed to distance itself from its main competition—the Bush Library team—with a particularly strong performance in paper airplane throwing. Congrats to all who participated!

(This article was written by an intern/student worker in the Public Relations Department, Rick Dornfeld).