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Hamline students present their research at prestigious national conference

NCUR 2010 Group Photo

The countless hours Hamline students spent in the field, the lab, or the library were on display this spring at the prestigious National Conference on Undergraduate Research. More than 40 Hamline students presented their findings at this year’s conference in Missoula, Montana, an annual event that draws 2,500 students from 300 different colleges and universities across the United States each year.

The three-day event is an interdisciplinary conference, welcoming research projects from the arts, humanities, and sciences. Hamline students presented on subjects in English, economics, legal studies, global studies, psychology, biology, chemistry, religion, philosophy, anthropology, communications studies, German, and history.

“One of the things that makes Hamline truly distinctive is that we support research in all areas,” co-director of Hamline’s collaborative research program and English professor Marcela Kostihova said. “We have a large number of students doing research not only in the sciences, but also in the humanities, which is not something that gets support at many undergraduate institutions."

Hamline sends one of the largest groups of students to this conference among universities nationwide. Students present their findings with a poster display or oral presentation and then answer questions from those in the audience who may be experts in the field, or may not have any knowledge of the topic.

“There’s definitely a focus on preparing students for post-undergraduate work,” history major Zackary Shovein said. “Hamline really is committed to giving students the kind of working research experience that they would be doing in graduate programs.”

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