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Choosing a major can be daunting; Hamline has dedicated staff & extensive resources to help!

Undecided freeze

Hamline University is alleviating the stress for undergraduates in choosing a major--from expert career counselors and a Career Development Center stacked with resources, to a class that focuses specifically on choosing a career path that is right for each individual student, based on their interests, their personalities, and their goals.

“Being a liberal arts institution, Hamline really enables students to explore a lot of different options and still graduate in four years,” Career Counselor Kelly Jordan said.

Bachelor degrees are offered in 42 areas of study, including biology, business, psychology, political science, pre-law, and a pre-health program for those interested in the medical field. In all, more than 50 majors, minors, and certificate programs are available.

Students may also take the “Bridges Scholars” course which can guide their career decisions and success in the job market. Bridges Scholars gives students a variety of exercises to help them discover what career path would be the best fit for their personality and goals. It also offers valuable advice and training in the skills of interviewing, resume-building, and career networking.

“Many employers are looking for that liberal arts background which prepares students on so many levels,” Jordan said. “They become skilled communicators, writers, researchers, and graduate with so many other skills that are vital in the workplace.”

Watch the video below for more from Jordan and from a first-year Hamline student as he goes through the process of deciding on a major: