Hamline News

More than 60 awards were bestowed on Hamline students & faculty on Honors Day 2010

The achievements of Hamline students, faculty, and staff were on full display this spring during the annual Honors Day ceremony, which took place at the Hamline United Methodist Church. More than 60 scholarships, awards, and honors were presented during the ceremony for outstanding achievements in art, anthropology, chemistry, writing, education, global studies, legal studies, management, economics, music, psychology, and other areas of study. Graduating senior Amanda Dutcher was recognized for earning a Fulbright Scholarship which will enable her to spend the 2010-2011 academic year teaching English in Germany. See a full list of the honors and awards below. Congratulations to all the recipients! 

Fulbright Scholar: Amanda Dutcher

Hamline Diversity Research Award: Leyla Bari

Belle and Leland Cooper Award in Anthropology: Adam Harris and Matthew Sindelar Eliza A. Drew Prize in Art: Britta Moline, Anna Toegel, Kelly Wolf, Randa Soubra, and Arlene Behling

Henriette Diebold Memorial Art Prize: Jana Anderson, Rose Card, and Jenna Murphy Genevieve Rust Ehlers Museum Internship Award: Jana Anderson

Genevieve Rust Ehlers Studio Arts and Art History Scholarship: Jana Anderson, Travis Erickson, and Dan Robison

Karl Aaron Stumpf Travel Award in Art and Art History: Jana Anderson

Beta Beta Beta Outstanding Achievement Award: Michael Schuster

Walter Alexander Kenyon Award: William Khoury-Hanold and Jessalyn Weaver

Ruth Sullivan Scholarship: Emily Jacobson

American Institute of Chemists Award: Emily Sprafka

Batchelder Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry: Jeffrey Walter

Carter Scholarship Fund: John Ericson

Elizabeth Lueben Norton Prize in Chemistry: Amanda Oehrlein

Eliza A. Drew Prize in Communications: Zachary Psick and Anne Kuenzie

Eliza A. Drew Prize in Secondary Education: Mollie Johnson

Raygor Scholarship: Ellen Tuominen

Thomas P. Beyer Prize: Carrie Gagne

Robert and Shirley Bogue Scholarship: Serri Graslie

George Henry Bridgman Poetry Prize: Karyn Cave and Zachary Psick

Eliza A. Drew Prize in English: Mikayla Moffet and Danielle Foster

Verna von Wald Lofstrom Scholarship: Matthew Impola

Evelyn Apitz Morris Prize: Ashley Wirth-Petrik

James Thatcher Ritchie, Jr. Memorial Award: Adrienne Johnsen, David McCarthy, and Stephanie Zimmerman

Alfred D. and Hazel Stedman Endowed Writing Awards: Patrice Anthony, Danielle Drasher, Kaitlyn Hawkinson, Kevin Miller, Tessa Mortenson, Joseph Muchlinski, Sarah Perez, and Sean Traynor

Eliza A. Drew Prize in Environmental Studies: Emily Wartman

Eliza A. Drew Prize in Global Studies: Caitlin Stallman

Eliza A. Drew Prize in History: Natalie Lamphier

Eliza A. Drew Prize-Legal Studies Student of the Year: Natalie Lamphier

Eliza A. Drew Prize in Management and Economics: Nicholas Forte, Margaret LaVigne, Benjamin Swinton, and Naomi Wegscheid

Management Alumni Award: Justin Bain, Kristen Blumenfeld, and Nicole Witstine, Corner-Rose Scholarship: Amanda Plumm

Norman E. Albrecht Scholarship: Aaron Hardin

Carl Rudyard Lindgren Mathematics Scholarship: Nyles Breecher

Bernard Fangl Award in German Studies: Amanda Dutcher

Eliza A. Drew Prize in German: Louisa Lueck and Josephine Nummi

Eliza A. Drew Prize in Chinese: Amanda Skeivik and Peter Andrews

Eliza A. Drew Prize in French: Devin Sheppard and Erik Decker

Eliza A. Drew Prize in Spanish: Shannon Hollanitsch, Allana Marshik, Amy Classen, and Deanna Larsen

Arturo Tienken Endowed Prize: Laura Fisher

Eliza A. Drew Prize in Music Composition: Steven Gernes

Lois Bolyard Schwoebel Music Scholarship: Anne Duerksen

Robert Holliday Scholarship: Jonathan Ohman and Hannah Weyandt

Joseph Norio Uemura Scholarship: Dana Hoffman and Christopher Rochel

Physical Education Student of the Year Award: Danielle Drasher

Alumni Award in Physics: Melanie Galloway and Kyle Helgemoe

Kent H. Bracewell Scholarship: Sarah Homister and Jeffrey Walter

Emma Kathrine Malmstrom Research Scholarship: Nyles Breecher

Jonathan Sautner Memorial Award: Shane Stensland

Eliza A. Drew Prize in Political Science: Nathaniel Raths

Scott D. Johnston Endowed Scholarship: Andrea Kinney and Josephine Nummi, Donald Swanson Award in Psychology: Danielle Drasher

Faith L. Murray Psychology Prize: Allan Heritage

Beck Family Scholarship: April Palo

Monroe Bell Prize in Biblical Scholarship: Hannah Ganske

Senior Religion Major Award: Katherine Museus

Betty R. Green Memorial Award: Kala Ebbe and Roxanne Konz

E. W. Randall Prizes: Jake Branchaud-Linsk, Ben Chandler, and Kyra Danneker

Anne Simley Scholarship: Peter Espenson and Heather Burmeister

Holt Acting Award: Joseph Allen and Clara Cavins-Wolford

Faculty Advisors of the Year Awards: Professor Katharine Bjork and Professor Michael Reynolds

Mary Maude Knox Memorial Award: Katie Gelinas

Faculty and Staff Members of the Year Awards: Professor Mark Berkson and Molly Glewwe

Allan T. H. Bluhm Memorial Award: Mikayla Moffet

Burton and Ruth Grimes Teacher Award: Professor Barbara O'Connell