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A Week of Connection and Community


After a weekend of campus decorating and t-shirt giveaways, Homecoming kicked off on Monday, October 7.

The fun began with Glow Hunt, an event hosted by the programming board. Glow Hunt is a scavenger hunt where participants are assigned one color and race one another to find the most glow sticks hidden around campus. Participants can race either individually or in groups. What might differentiate Glow Hunt from other events is the duration: No more than 15 minutes after starting, grinning students returned to Anderson Center triumphantly holding fistfuls of glow sticks.

“It was definitely a high-energy event and all the attendees were super eager,” Glow Hunt organizer Emma Harrington shared.

Glow Hunt has always been a quick competition but the way students participated this year added extra swiftness. Reportedly after collecting any glow stick they could find, students adjourned a safe distance from Anderson Center to exchange, bribe, and select the winners for each color; a definite rule breaker, however, some might argue a form of good teamwork as well.

On Tuesday, students lined up in front of room 304 of Anderson Center for craft and DIY fun. DIY Hamline Pride lets students show off their creativity and school pride by decorating sweaters and baseball caps provided by the programming board.

In celebration of LGBTQIA+ Month, junior programmer Shannon Holeman supplied of craft materials such as fabric markers and paints, buttons, pride patches, and letters.

"We wanted to let students know this event isn’t just for school pride and they can decorate a sweater or baseball cap any way they want," she said.

Decorations included florals, spray paint designs, quotes, and pictures. Students were seen carefully holding their creations as they made back to the dorms.

Friday students and staff joined together in the Anderson Forum for the annual Lip Sync Competition followed by the Homecoming dance.

This year's thirteenth annual Lip Sync Competition was organized by Student Activities & Leadership Development (SALD) Assistant Director Patrick Haught who joined Hamline University in the spring of last year.

Haught shared, “I felt like for my first year it was important to play an active role so that I'm able to be as helpful and supportive as possible in the future.”

True to his word, Haught and the office of Student Affairs put together a Spice Girl Tribute with fitting costumes and dance moves for a blast back to the ’90s.

Patti Klein and Gaith Hijazin were once again Lip Sync's charismatic and fashionable emcees. They also gave competition-worthy performances to 70’s grooves and Taylor Swift. Alumni Tiana Duffy and the Crayola Crew also performed a dance number.

As for student performances, the Flannel Sisters (Brooklyn Worms and Katherine Steiner) brought Hamilton to the Forum stage, a sharply dressed Forrest Stowe danced to Justin Timberlake's "Suit and Tie," and Tre Von McClellan showed off his smooth moves to Beyonce's “Formation.”

Perhaps the most ambitious crossover Lip Sync history has ever seen was The Fresh Duo’s performance of Bonnie Tyler’s song “Holding Out for A Hero.”

First-year students Miracle Etuakwu and Tyler Pham danced their hearts out to the audience’s delight.
The competition ended with thunderous applause as senior Erin Bougie (Aaron Brugers) draped a pride flag around her shoulders and struck a final pose.

The dancing does not stop for winners Miz Frozaen Pissás (Tavia Tran), The Fresh Duo, and Erin Bougie. As representatives of Hamline University Dance Marathon (HUDM), the winners will have an opportunity to perform their songs once again in March when HUDM will hold their annual fundraiser for Saint Paul’s Gillette Hospital to help children and their families.

Not only was Homecoming an exciting time for attendees, but event organizers were also enthusiastic to create fun memories and a sense of community for them.

“Homecoming is such a fun time as a student and a way for the student body to come together and make connections,” Homecoming Dance programmer Haley Androli shared. "I get excited about seeing it."

Following the events of Friday evening, Saturday included Leo Lectures by faculty experts, a football game against Carelton College, campus tours and Fall Fest in the Anderson Center. See highlights in this video!  

October 16, 2019
Written by Malenie Ven