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Hamline celebrates creation of more sustainable campus and reveals exciting new project

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Hamline University’s Earth Day 2010 will be a celebration of all that has been achieved in creating a more sustainable campus and a chance to showcase other innovative projects in the works.

On Thursday, April 22, Old Main Mall will be filled with examples of Hamline’s environmentally responsible footprint: from recycling and transportation, to energy and landscaping. A few examples of projects already making an impact: food waste at Hamline has been cut by one third through tray-less food service in the dining hall, organic waste is now composted, electric carts are used to carry people and supplies around campus, and energy-efficient mechanicals and low-flow water fixtures are used in Hamline’s buildings.

“This is a chance to make sure there is awareness about what Hamline is doing for the environment,” Director of Facilities Operations and Horticulture Services Ken Dehkes said. “Many people may not even know that these things are going on in our community, and it’s something everyone should have a stake in.”

There is also the academic side of “being green.”  Faculty members will be on hand with information about Hamline’s environmental studies programs.

Earth Day will also be the first chance to get information about Hamline's newest "green" venture...the Hour Car. Students can sign up for a membership entitling them to use the hybrid vehicle for an hourly rate whenever they need transportation around the Twin Cities.

The community is welcome to find out about all these efforts and help celebrate Earth Day. The event is Thursday, April 22 on Hamline’s St. Paul campus, 1536 Hewitt Avenue, from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. It is co-sponsored by Hamline’s Environmental Sustainability Task Force and student chapter of the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group.