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International crisis negotiator Michael Tsur to speak at School of Law on October 19



Hamline University School of Law invites the public to come together to honor Conflict Resolution Day and to hear a provocative and informative discussion on “Conflict Resolution Within a Chaotic Reality” by international negotiation and crisis management expert Michael Tsur.

The event is Tuesday, October 19 from 6-7:30 p.m. at Hamline University School of Law, located at 1492 Hewitt Avenue in Saint Paul. No RSVP is necessary; the event is free and open to all. Law students may apply for 1.5 CLE and Rule 114 credits for attending. Light refreshments will be served.

Conflict Resolution Day is an international day set aside to promote and honor the work of conflict resolution. This year, Hamline University School of Law, the Jerusalem Program, and Conflict Resolution Minnesota—Minnesota’s primary organization for alternative dispute resolution professionals and the local chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution—are jointly sponsoring this event focusing on the dynamic nature of international conflict resolution and the methods, approaches, and tools used to manage the chaotic reality in which we live.

The keynote speaker for the event, Michael Tsur, is an expert in negotiation, conflict resolution, crisis management, and mediation. He specializes in executive coaching of general managers, general directors, and owners of companies in Israel and around the globe.

Tsur is also the founder and general-director of the Mediation & Conflict Resolution Institute-Jerusalem. He has garnered years of expertise in resolving emergency situations, ranging from hostage crises to breakdowns in cross-national business negotiations to stand-offs with individuals who are mentally unstable. For more information  on the event, click here.

More on Tsur

Since 2000, Michael Tsur has been an associate director at Consensus, a New York-based consultancy specializing in negotiation, conflict resolution and peace-building. For ten years, Tsur has been a member of various international teams, overseeing negotiations, including commercial and business, and cross-cultural challenges. Since 1996, Tsur has been an adjunct professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is currently an adjunct professor for Hamline University’s Dispute Resolution Institute.