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Biology majors at Hamline are finding answers and making discoveries in all areas of the field

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Hamline biology students can fuel a passion for science whether their interests lie in ecology, cell biology, genetics, physiology or health-related studies. Discoveries are made in the classroom, in first-class lab facilities, and through hands-on experiences in the field.

“One of the biggest strengths of the biology department is that we involve students in research at the undergraduate level,” biology professor Bonnie Ploger said.  “Our research program helps prepare students for the workplace, graduate school, or a professional program in the medical field.”

Research findings are often presented at national conferences or accepted for publication in professional journals. Students have one-on-one time with their professors during the collaborative research process as well as in the classroom.

“I can’t stress enough how nice it is to have small classes when you are in science,” Nicki Lenway, who is a biology major and also working on a certificate in forensic science, said. “There’s just a really good individual feel to the classes and the professors are always available to help.”

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