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Athletes Fight Adversity and Find New Routines During Pandemic


Although many people have struggled to maintain normalcy during this year, Hamline athletes have found solace and solidarity in their sports community. Piper athletes are navigating this new situation, fighting adversity and finding routines.

Despite having an unpredictable season, fall athletes are still able to practice while staying socially distant. For Hamline athletes, masks are not required while practicing but while arriving and departing from practices they are mandatory.

The athletes interviewed said that still being a part of their sport and maintaining safe practices, they are better able to cope with new added stresses that COVID-19 has brought about.

Track junior Aoife Zamacona recounted how the pandemic has impacted her mental health, but being able to safely participate in her sport has led her to appreciate her team and their work ethic.

”COVID-19 has also heavily impacted my mental health but being able to get outside and exercise has significantly helped with this which I am very grateful for. I really learned how important my sport is to me and my teammates. I almost look forward to the hard workouts now,” said Zamacona.

Pipers viewed the unprecedented season as a time for improvement and preparation for what’s to come. The Hamline Women’s lacrosse team is no stranger to hard work and determination and this pandemic is helping them show how to push through. Maintaining a strong team dynamic and attitude through an uncertain time makes Pipers proud is something the athletes at Hamline are proud of.

Senior captain Maria Lewis says she is proud of her team and its promise for a successful season to come once they can start competing again.

“I'm most proud of how much our team has improved this semester and how we are able to keep the intensity up at practices,” Lewis said.

Similarly, football player Triston Thomas can relate. He takes on an optimistic approach and sees this season as a time for the younger players to retain a stronger mindset and master new plays before they are able to compete again.

“[Underclassmen] get a chance to build with returning players and get a full year under their belts to learn plays,” said Thomas. He also goes on to mention how this season is making the team mentally stronger. “Being able to fight through that adversity is tough, but the ones that fight through it are the ones that come out mentally stronger,” he added.

Hamline athletes are not letting COVID-19 stand in their way as they work to improve and build strength. They are being safe and maintaining CDC-regulated guidelines at practice. Overall, the athletes interviewed, including baseball player Hayden Ring, feel safe while attending practices and other sport-related events.

“I do feel safe at practice,” Ring said. “I believe the team has done a very good job at handling our current situation.”

Finding a routine and seeking normalcy during a pandemic has been rough but Hamline athletes are persevering and continuing to “stop the spread” as well as fighting adversity through their work ethic and finding solace in their sports.

Written by Emily Lall and Clare Chambers
Photos provided by Hamline Athletics