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Hamline Introduces Online MBA with New Cybersecurity Concentration

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Starting this fall, future business leaders can earn their Master of Business Administration entirely online from Hamline University.

The new online program provides a pathway for students to benefit from the expertise of the Hamline network while taking courses on their own schedule, providing extra flexibility for busy professionals. After the introductory course, students can take classes in any order, finishing in two years or taking the program at their own pace. The online program was designed to target skills employers seek in the manufacturing sector (while the on-campus program is ideal for service sector leaders).

Along with existing concentrations in business analytics, finance, leadership and change management, and marketing, students can also earn a new all-online concentration in cybersecurity.

With a concentration in cybersecurity, students can take advantage of a fast-growing field. As businesses come to rely on technology for everything from e-commerce to storing client data, cybersecurity is more important than ever, according to Mark Lanterman, who will teach the courses. 


Lanterman has nearly 30 years of experience in the cybersecurity business. Currently, he serves as the chief technology officer of his own company, Computer Forensic Services, which works with law enforcement agencies and corporations to prevent and solve cybercrimes. He is a faculty member at several institutions nationwide, including the Mitchell Hamline School of Law. Previously, he was a member of the U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Taskforce and worked as a detective in both Philadelphia and the Twin Cities.

Preparing cyber-aware leaders

Any organization that uses computers is vulnerable to a cyberattack—which means they need leaders who are aware of and prepared for the risks.

“In these classes, we’re not talking about the technical nature of ones and zeroes,” said Lanterman. “We’re talking about how those ones and zeroes can impact an organization.”

Instead of focusing on the technical side, the concentration is ideal for managers (or aspiring managers) who want an understanding of the risks organizations face from cyberattacks, as well as a knowledge of coordinating a cyber response team and creating a cyber event plan.

“The demand is certainly growing. I teach over 60 continuing legal education seminars a year, so lawyers are certainly taking this seriously,” said Lanterman. “We’re seeing a significant increase in demand for cyber-related management services, and also for executives who have a grasp of managing cyber risk.”

Lanterman recommends the concentration for anyone looking to move into a mid- to upper-level management position, along with CEOs, CTOs, or others aspiring to these high-level roles.

Courses will be held online through pre-recorded lectures, virtual class meetings, and participation in discussion boards. The concentration is also open to students in Hamline’s on-campus MBA program. Students in either program can opt for an on-campus concentration in marketing or finance; a hybrid concentration in business analytics; or their choice of an on-campus or online concentration in leadership and change management.

With an online MBA, future business leaders have access to the same faculty and innovative leadership curriculum as the on-campus program, with the flexibility to balance career, life, and education.

Written by staff.