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Campus Compact Announced Civic Leadership Awards


Iowa & Minnesota Campus Compact (IAMNCC) announced the winners of the 2020 Presidents’ Engaged Campus Awards.

First-year Hamline University student Emily Hilderbrand received the Presidents’ Student Leadership Award for her deep commitment to civic responsibility and leadership. She is the student leader for Hamline's "Love Boldly" initiative and advocates for an inclusive future for the United Methodist Church.

“Emily is a remarkable member of our community who led the way in Hamline becoming a Reconciling University,” said Hamline President Fayneese Miller.

The Presidents’ Civic Engagement Leadership Award went to Jane Turk for her diligent work supporting civic and community engagement. Ms. Turk was a leader at Hamline’s Center for Teaching and Learning and she now works for Campus Compact.

Hamline University’s partner in addressing food insecurity, The Food Group, received the Presidents’ Community Partner Award for their partnership with Feed Your Brain and the Food Resource Center.

“This year is a particularly important time to recognize the amazing collaborations happening between communities and campuses,” said Emily Shields, Executive Director. “The current crisis makes the important public role of colleges and universities even more evident and these examples demonstrate what’s possible.”

Awards events to be held in April and May had to be canceled. Online recognition will occur from April 17th to May 5th and will include video messages for and by awardees, virtual message boards, pictures, and descriptions of awardees. These will be shared on IAMNCC web site and social media.

Written by staff.