Hamline Elementary Students Visit Campus

In early October, the Hamline University community welcomed around 300 Hamline Elementary students to campus for their first visit of the year.  Organized through the Hamline to Hamline Collaboration, students from kindergarten through fifth grade visited many sites on campus including Old Main, Anderson Center, the Blue Garden, Sorin Commons, and the archaeology lab. Many thanks to all the Hamline University students, staff, and faculty for helping our young neighbors across Snelling Avenue feel so welcome with smiles, waves, and high-fives. Special thanks to the Admissions Office for creating an extra special tour for kindergarteners as they made their very first visit to campus and to Public Safety Office for their presence as these same kindergarteners learned how to safely cross Snelling Avenue. And heartfelt thanks to Hamline University student athletes who led multiple engaging tours throughout the week and the folks in archaeology lab who opened their doors to fourth graders for a hands on activity. These memorable moments are possible because of these two wonderful learning communities and their decades-long partnership. You can learn more about this partnership and how you can get involved here.