Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Each year, all faculty and staff are required to complete CyberSecurity awareness training. All employees must complete the assigned training to comply with financial audit requirements, such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA). Statistics show that human error is the biggest contributing factor in network security and data privacy lapses. 

To assist with meeting the university’s regulatory compliance requirements, all active faculty and staff must complete the assigned courses. Those identified as Key Employees may have more than one training course assigned and will need to complete each course.  It should take approximately thirty (30) minutes to complete each of them.

Follow these steps once you receive a Canvas email invitation to participate in the course(s). 

To access the Cybersecurity Awareness Training:

  • Open the Hamline website
  • Click "Internal Logins" at the bottom
  • Log in to “Canvas LMS” using your Hamline username and password
  • Select “Courses” in the left hand menu bar
  • Select “CyberSecurity Awareness Training 2023”
  • Select “Assignments”
  • Complete all sections for each course that has been assigned

This training program is provided by the SANS Institute and is an essential component of our overarching information security initiative. Training and awareness ensures our knowledge of information security threats, requirements, and resources, which enables us to fulfill our individual roles in protecting critical information systems and assets.  This significantly reduces the number of cybersecurity incidents and can assess and improve your cybersecurity awareness both at work and at home.

As Hamline faculty and staff, we individually and collectively are responsible for:

  • protecting our university data and privacy;
  • securing our critical academic and administrative systems;
  • ensuring the integrity of research data; and
  • complying with data-protection laws and regulations.

If you have difficulty accessing the courses, or have additional questions about the Information Security Awareness Training, please contact the Central Service Desk at or 651-523-2220. 

Thank you for your time and attention to this important matter.

Terry Metz, University Librarian & Chief Information Officer
Ryan Glasgow, IT Security Assurance Program Director