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Dammy Williams '23 Takes Care of Business


International business major Dammy Williams ’23 has immersed herself in opportunities at Hamline and her focus on the future has opened new doors.

Williams secured a job at the Hamline School of Business in her first year because it aligned with her major and she thought it would help her business career ambitions.

“I saw this job as an opportunity to gain more insight in the business field,” said Williams.

The experience has provided her with skills that helped in her coursework, especially in the management classes.

“Working here allowed me to prepare for this summer since I am currently the only student worker that has previous experience working at the School of Business,” said Williams. “Since I had experience, I was more confident in leading projects in class and managing a team.”

In addition to her job and classes, Dammy also participates in the School of Business Career Mentor Program, working with a mentor to help her understand her strengths and make progress toward a career in the field of international business.

“The career mentor program was one of the activities that I signed up for because the program gives tips and advice for advancing careers within the business field,” said Williams.

“I was not sure what career I wanted to specifically focus on when I graduate,” said Williams. “Hearing stories, from both previous graduates that took part in the program and also the mentors, about their experiences within the industry allowed me to have an idea of what to look forward to.”

The mentoring program has already provided valuable connections. Williams has been accepted into the Wells Fargo Junior Leaders Conference after hearing about it from her mentor. The multi-day experience will increase her knowledge of banking, help build her network and give her an advantage in applying for a summer internship at the bank next year.

“Even though it is not about international business, I am excited to be a part of the conference,” said Williams.

Looking ahead, she will fulfil her international dreams by studying away in Korea.

“Ever since I was young, I alway had a fascination with learning more about different countries, whether it be through language learning or ever just going out of my way to meet people that were coming from different countries and varying cultures,” said Williams.

Studying away will allow her to put what she has learned at Hamline University to work.

“Being able to study abroad will allow me to apply the skills that I learned in the United States,” said Williams.

Written by staff.