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From Residence Halls to City Hall: Jessie Luévano ’22

Photo of Jessie Luevano

Jessie Luévano ’22 is making life better for the citizens of Saint Paul and Hamline’s own residence halls.

Currently, Luévano is an intern in the office of Rebecca Noecker, Saint Paul city council member. Classroom conversations about current events add valuable background to this work in political communication, she said, and give context to her political science and global studies majors, along with her history minor.

“Interacting with working professionals demystifies the professional world a little bit more,” said Luévano of the internship.

Since her freshman year, this internship and others at the Minnesota Budget Project and International Institute of Minnesota have helped her grow from a student who described herself as “very in my shell” to a confident speaker and advocate.

The external work pairs well with her on-campus work with the Residential Housing Association (RHA), where she first put these skills to use, planning events and working to improve life for her neighbors in Hamline’s residence halls. The experience eased the transition to college, too.

“Living on campus was how I met my friends. It connected me with a lot of people. It made it less scary to live away from home for the first time!” said Luévano, whose hometown is Apple Valley.

On campus, Luévano is also the president of IGNITE, a student organization for women in politics, along with roles as co-president RHA of Model United Nations.

“It was through student activities and the campus environment that I got to meet my friends, and that enhanced my academic experience and made it so I was successful,” said Luévano.

Luévano is also the recipient of a political science scholarship and Hamline’s Achievement Scholarship—which will make her goal of graduate school more affordable.

“Scholarships help make everything financially feasible. Through work and scholarships I’ll graduate with no debt, and I’m very, very thankful for that,” she said.


Why Hamline?

I like how interconnected Hamline is with the community. It had all the majors that I wanted, and the professors have really good backgrounds. I did most of the college search online, and decided that I fit the vibes at Hamline.

What’s the campus environment like?

It’s really open and welcoming. There are different pockets of people, but I’ve found that everybody, even if you have different core beliefs, is willing to learn. That’s really unique.

What’s your go-to spot on or off campus?

I love Pho Pasteur. I always get lunch there! I also spend a lot of time at the Barnes & Noble. Most of the time when I hang out with friends, though, we’re on campus. We like the second floor of Anderson!

Written by Anne Kopas
September 1, 2021