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COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Dear Members of the Hamline University Community:

We want, and need, to be together as a community. We value a sense of community at Hamline and all that entails, but to return to what we value and who we are, mandating a COVID-19 vaccine is necessary.

According to the new COVID-19 policy, Hamline University will require that all students and employees be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. To provide time for our community to follow this new policy, compliance is required by August 15, 2021. Recognized exemptions or extensions will be allowed.

In order to return to as “normal” a community as possible, it is recommended that the vaccination rate for higher education institutions be at 85% or better. At present, over 90% of our faculty and staff have reported that they are fully vaccinated or have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. By contrast, only 68% of our student body is fully vaccinated or has received at least one vaccine. The combined percentage puts us below the recommended percentage necessary and negatively impacts our ability to return to those activities and expectations that define the overall educational experience at Hamline. Few things are more important than the overall experience of our students.

The safety, health, and overall well-being of every member of the Hamline community is of utmost importance. We want faculty and staff to be able to provide the best experience possible for our students. Therefore, by August 15, 2021, in accordance with Hamline University policy, it will be mandatory for all Hamline students and employees to:

  • have completed a COVID-19 vaccination series; or,
  • receive a recognized exemption or extension from the university.

New and Returning Students: Please see the Counseling and Health Services Immunization page for more information on and resources for this requirement.

Employees: Please see the Benefits Office webpage for more information on and resources for this requirement.

Extension Requests
: Students and employees unable to meet vaccine or exception requirements prior to or on August 15, 2021 may request a temporary extension to the deadline by emailing covid@hamline.edu. Students and employees will have 45 days to complete the vaccine requirement. Counseling and Health Services will assist each student with their individual circumstances. The benefits office will assist each employee with their individual circumstances. During any extension period individuals will be required to wear a mask while on campus and participate in surveillance testing every two weeks at their own expense until considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Getting vaccinated allows Hamline University to be at its best. It allows our students to enjoy all that one expects as a university student. It allows for greater flexibility in campus life, including better and more frequent access to events, and the other things that make being a Hamline Piper so special. We need our entire community’s cooperation to provide our very best experience for each and every student. If you have been vaccinated, I give you a heartfelt thank you. If you have not been vaccinated or received an exemption, please begin to make preparations to do so.


Fayneese Miller, PhD