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For Samantha Hudson ’20, Hamline MBA instills confidence to pursue career goals

Photo of Samantha Hudson

Graduate school can be intimidating, but Samantha Husdon MBA ’20 doesn’t regret the leap. Instead, she’s gained the confidence and skills to pursue her goals in strategic management.

From the very first day of class, Hudson felt comfortable. Initially drawn to Hamline for the face-to-face relationships of an on-campus master’s degree program, a discussion on vulnerability the first night of class solidified that Hamline’s program was right for her, she said.

“It just felt like I belonged there. I fit right in; everyone had different stories, and somehow everyone accepted everyone’s background,” said Hudson, who graduated in August 2020.

After seven years away from working outside the home to raise her three kids, Hudson felt as though she still had goals left unfinished in the business world. The past few years had been a chance for Hudson to support her family throughout her husband’s professional basketball career with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now, Hudson knew it was time to turn her attention back to her own career.

“As a woman, you can fall to the wayside because of [your spouse’s] career,” she said. “This was something on my own, not attached to that.”

Hamline's Master of Business Administration instilled in Hudson the confidence to jumpstart her career with the knowledge of today’s business challenges. In July 2019, she started her current job at a software company, working in business development and sales. She especially enjoyed the strategic management portions of classes; her long-term goal is to move into a related position and eventually start her own strategic management company to work with entrepreneurs and small business owners.

From the interview itself to getting up to speed with current practices, Hudson’s coursework and interaction with classmates was the right preparation for her future goals.

“It all prepared me to step right back into a corporate job and feel like I belong,” she said.

Hamline accepts MBA applications year-round; learn more at hamline.edu/mba

Written by Anne Kopas