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Convocation Welcomes Record First-Year Class


The 2019 incoming class of 549 students is slightly larger than the record incoming class size of 547 set in 2016.

Hamline has seen steady undergraduate enrollment over the last five years under the leadership of Vice President of Enrollment Mai Nhia Xiong-Chan.

Hamline’s admission team has worked intentionally to increase enrollment. Part of that strategy included addressing the needs of Minnesota’s increasingly diverse population.

As a result, Hamline is a leader among peer institutions in enrollment of first-generation students with 47 percent of the 2019 incoming class fitting that description. At the same time, the racial and ethnic diversity of the university’s last five incoming classes has grown from 28 percent students of color and indigenous students in 2015 to 43 percent in 2019. By comparison, Minnesota Compass reported that in 2018, 28 percent of the state’s population were people of color.

Hamline’s selective acceptance rate of 65 percent reflects a comprehensive approach that considers school and class rigor, life and extracurricular experiences, standardized test scores, GPA, and applicant essays during the admission process.

“We value talents in prospective students in a way that is radically different from how the admission office from the generation before may have,” said Xiong-Chan.

Since its founding, Hamline University has adapted as the world around it has changed, and that resilience will remain in the admissions process as the staff monitors and responds to state demographics, employer data, and trends in education.

“What makes us uniquely Hamline is that we care deeply about this place and our students. We are committed to ensuring we are providing access to a premiere Hamline education as part of our mission,” said Xiong-Chan.

Enrollment figures become official ten days after the start of classes.

Full press release is linked here.

Written by staff.

 September 2019.