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Group Photos of 2019 University Honors Graduates

Achievement Unlocked: Hamline University Honors Program Graduates

The students gathered in the Kay Fredericks Room at Hamline’s Klas Center to receive their University Honors pins and stoles—signifiers of excellence in their educational paths, both inside and outside the classroom.

“The Hamline University Honors program recognizes and 'honors' a broad range of student achievements, both inside and outside of the classroom, and helps students to push themselves, to take advantage of all that's available, to make the most of their undergraduate careers,” said Director of Honors and Professor of History Susie Steinbach.

Hamline’s honors program began in 2011, with the first graduates during the 2014-15 academic year. It requires students to commit to a self-directed and rigorous plan of scholarship, leadership and service. Academic excellence, undergraduate research, contributions to community and development as a lifelong learner combined with regular reflection are required for successful completion.

Participant and 2019 graduate Conner Suddick said, “The program was not solely based on academic achievement, but challenged students to be researchers, encouraged students to contribute to their community, and supported members in lifelong learning opportunities such as internships or studying abroad.”

The comprehensive and inclusive structure of the program encourages participation from students who may not consider themselves traditional honors students.

“University Honors is, like everything that's part of Hamline's mission, committed to social justice, and so it invites all students to see themselves as potential honors students, even if they were not so labeled before coming to Hamline,” Steinbach said.

Suddick echoed Steinbach’s sentiment of inclusivity.

“Do not count yourself out of the program,” he said. “I think honors societies often have the connotation of being for self-interested people seeking prestige. Hamline honors does not simply reward students for their past academic achievements, but it is open to all who want to take advantage of every possible opportunity available to ensure personal and professional growth.”

Indeed, the theme of growth was a common refrain among graduating seniors who took part in University Honors.

“University Honors is a great way to meet new people with similar interests and aspirations and will push you outside of your comfort zone at times, helping you grow and succeed throughout your time at Hamline,” said recipient and 2019 graduate Kevin Langevin.

“The honors program has helped me become more, to be more, to find more of who I am,” said James (Jimmy) Koch, also a 2019 graduate and honoree.

Congratulations to the 2019 graduating seniors who succeeded in achieving Hamline University Honors:
Sara Antony
Megan Brennan
Sydney Elwood
Katie Hillman
Miranda Janssen
Taylor Janssen
James Koch
Kevin Langevin
Kelley Lasiewicz
Taylor Martinek
Mohamed Mohamed
Ashley Nelson
Rachel Olson
Remi Remmey
Anna Ries
Liz Ronald
Conner Suddick
Abberamee Visvanathan

December 2018 graduates Hanna Hoeger, Tasha Semanko, Jessica Yang, and Melissa Adkins also attained University Honors and will attend commencement on Saturday, May 18.

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