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Welcome New Students

New students walking together by old main

The 2018-2019 school year has started! This year Hamline University is welcoming more fresh faces than ever. Hamline’s largest incoming class record was set in fall of 2016 with 548 first-year students. Two years later the numbers have increased again and the 2018 first-year class is on track to be even larger.

Currently, the class of 2022 is made up of 551 students. Within that number, 43 percent  are first generation students --students whose parents never earned a college degree-- and 21 percent are from out of state. Additionally, 66 percent of this year’s first-year class are women.

In addition to first-year students, the beginning of the fall term brings transfer students who are new to Hamline as well.

Sabeera Khan is a transfer student who traveled a long distance to finish her undergraduate education in Saint Paul. Khan is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Attending Hamline University is a legacy in her family. Her uncle and aunt both graduated from Hamline. Interestingly, that is not the reason she wanted to attend Hamline.

“Actually, when I first found Hamline University after a brief online search, I had no idea my family members had gone there.” says Khan. “I just thought it looked like a perfect fit for me and I didn’t tell my family about it until I started to apply.” Her family approved of the choice and joined her during her first few days on campus.

Khan is planning on double majoring in accounting and finance.

Whether you traveled 1500 miles or 15 blocks to get here, Hamline University welcomes new and returning students to campus and hopes everyone has a great school year.  New students are invited to start their Hamline experience by engaging with the community during Welcome Weekupcoming athletics events, and more.