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U.S. Olympic Hockey Gold a Thrill for Hamline Coach Darwitz

Team USA’s race for Olympic gold was one of the most thrilling events to watch at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games and is now taking its place in the history books. As rivals teams USA and Canada faced off, no one was watching closer than Hamline head hockey coach and former Olympian, Natalie Darwitz.

“This game for gold is the pinnacle of women’s hockey, we don’t have a Stanley Cup, the preparation and sacrifices for these athletes all comes down to this moment at the Olympic games,” said Darwitz.

The U.S. Olympic Women’s Hockey Team ended a 20-year gold-medal drought, when they defeated Canada 3-2 in a game that peaked as it moved from regulation to overtime to a six-round shootout, with a winning goal for the history books.

For Darwitz and others who came close to gold in previous Olympic games, the win was part of a long-journey for the U.S. Olympic team. “I do like to think that everyone who has put on that jersey made the program better and provided learning opportunities that helped these 24 players win Olympic gold,” said Darwitz.

As the coach of Hamline’s women’s team, Darwitz says she likes the growth she is seeing at all levels of the sport, “From top competitors at the Olympic level to Hamline’s division three rivals we’re all playing close, hard-fought games without the big point spreads we’d see ten years ago,” said Darwitz. “It’s an exciting time to be in women’s hockey.”

Hamline women’s hockey is heading into playoffs season at the new state-of-the-art Tria Rink. Fans can get tickets by going to the Tria Rink box office.