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Hamline Students Present at NCUR 2017


A group of 36 Hamline students traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to present their collaborative research at the 31st annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). Students present original research with topics spanning across a variety of disciplines and programs, from social justice to business, and biology to history. 

“More than 4,000 students and educators from all over the country came together this year to showcase their work and communicate with their peer researchers,” said Irina Makarevitch, biology professor and co-director of Hamline’s collaborative research program. “This experience becomes an important stepping stone for our students who will continue their education at various professional and graduate schools across the country.”

Hamline historically sends one of the largest groups of students to this conference among universities nationwide. Students are selected by a competitive internal selection process, as well as a national NCUR selection committee. While at the conference, they present their findings with a poster display or oral presentation and then answer questions from those in the audience who may be experts in the field, or may not have any knowledge of the topic. Below is a complete list of the impressive undergraduate collaborative research projects presented by Hamline students this. You can learn more about Hamline at NCUR at Hamline's collaborative research webpage.

2017 NCUR Presentations

Significance of the CUL3 Gene in the Metabolic Activity and Phenotype of HCT116 Colorectal Cancer Cells
Farhoud Golafshan

The impact of entrepreneurial orientation on value creation for stakeholders: A longitudinal study of S & P 500 companies
Sara Antony

Sustaining Well-Being in an Electromagnetic Environment: A Rhetorical Analysis
Brooke Wallington

Domestic Practices of Families on the American Frontier; Historic Material Analysis of Plum Island Lighthouse
Camille Warnacutt

Misapplications of Darwin’s Origin of Species: Nazi Germany and the Eugenics Movement
Emily Wolmuth

The Study of Early Aleut Subsistence Patterns based on Sea Mammal Remains from Kiska Island, Alaska
Alexa Hanson

Genotyping with Uniform Mu Insertion Elements
James Whelan

The Relationship of Sequence and Activity in a Series of Short β–Sheet Peptides with Antimicrobial Activity
Samantha Kennelly

Quantitative Trait Locus Analysis of Cold Tolerance in Maize
Rae Goering

Analysis of Gene Expression Changes in Response to Cold Stress in Maize Seedlings
Siri Larsen and Jia Tan

Case Study: Developing Primers and Sequencing Regions of HEXA Gene to Examine a Potential Misdiagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis
Madeline Reding

Phenotypic Characterization of Sinorhizobium sp. HM007-10 Bacteriphage HMSP-1
Mady Couves and Silvia Toledo

Demographic Transition, Family Structure, and Elderly Care: Applying the Lessons of Singapore to Iran
Erik Dale

The Minnesota Miracle: Education Reforms that took Minnesota to the Head of the Class
James Zimmermann

The Effects of Statins on Functional Mobility in Older Adults
Kenzie Opse and Hanna Anderson

Design and Fabrication of Photonic Crystals for Biosensors
Opeyemi Arogundade

The Effects of Statins on Muscular Strength and Stamina in Older Adults
Matthew Bjork and Renee Roberts

Young Adult Problem Gambling and Alcohol Use: Personality, Physical and Emotional Health, and Gambling Beliefs
James Whelan

A Survey of ß-lactam Antibiotic Resistance in Minnesota Soils
Emily Wolmuth

The Effects of Statins on Heart Rate Variability and Resting Heart Rate in Older Adults
Sallee Brandt

Development and Characterization of Graphene Oxide Composite Materials for Photothermal Therapy
Megan Brennan

Characterization of the Electrostatic Interactions between Tau Peptides and Charged Lipid Membrane Mimics
Lexus Tatge and Sidney Dicke

Developing Carbon Nitride for Improved Chemical Waste Treatment
Areeg Abd-Alla

Investigating the Role of Feeding-Related Peptides on Mammalian Suckling
Fathima Mohamed

Oddly Shaped Drums that Produce Harmonic Frequencies
Tom Eichlersmith

Innocuous Irreverence?: A Socio-Cultural Analysis of Literary Representations of the Hipster and Jazz Culture
Connor Rystedt

Social Benefits of Community Gardens: Exploring the role of student scholarship and community research mentorship in garden-based food justice practice
Elise Hanson

Does History Knowledge Influence Racial Attitudes?
Oscar Campbell

The Katyn Massacre: Cover-up, Suppression, and the Politics or War, from an American Perspective
Joseph Grundhoefer

Pine County Burial Recovery: A Biocultural Analysis of the Skeletal Remains of the Pokegama Mission Site
Natasha Johnson

The “Trump” Card: A comparative framing and analysis of Donald Trump's Rhetoric on Immigration and Refugee Issues - Perspectives from Mexico, Pakistan, and Spain
Sarah Campbell

Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Minnesota Soil Bacteria from Areas of High and Low Ferric Iron
Gunner Drossel

Detection of Exoplanetary Orbits using Differential Photometry
Daniel Barker