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Presidential Race Coverage Highlights

Over the course of the presidential race, from the primaries up until election night, Hamline professors have been giving their expert analysis on news. Faculty have weighed in on polling bias, swing states, media ethics, campaign strategies, speech writing, and the historic moment that Clinton became the first female nominee for the Democratic party. Below you can find the highlights of what our professors had to say over the course of the election cycle.

In June, when Secretary Hillary Clinton became the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party, both Jeanne Kosieradzki and Jean Strait spoke about the ways in which she was making history as the first female presumptive presidential nominee of a major political party.

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During the national conventions, the significance of different speeches dominated the news cycles. Aaron McKain, a professor in the English department, weighed in multiple times as a rhetoric expert and a former speech writer.

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As the election day got closer and the polls were fluctuating, Arthur Guetter, a professor in the Mathematics Department, talked about polling data and practices on KARE11’s Breaking the News segment.

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Professors David Schultz and Joe Peschek, from the political science department, have also spoken on numerous political segments on news stations like WCCO, KARE11, KSTP, and Minnesota News Network. Schultz was even interviewed in Ohio by CNN about his research on the battleground states. You can continue to hear their political analysis following the election on KSTP or Kare11.