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HUSC Collaborates with Dining Services for Piper Grill Delivery


During bad weather and intense study sessions, the dining hall can seem miles away, so the Piper Grill has expanded its operations to make campus dining more accessible through a delivery service. Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress (HUSC) representatives and Hamline Dining Services worked together to make this idea a reality. In a trial run happening during spring term of 2014, the delivery service of pizza, pasta, and wings will be available for students Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 8 - 11 p.m. with the use of declining balance.

“Part of the idea came from brainstorming ideas of how HUSC’s board of elected representatives could better serve and meet with students,” HUSC Board of Elected Representatives Chair Jeremiah Osokpo said. “We realized that since most students go to dining services everyday that would be a great way for us to engage with a large number of undergraduates. That was when we started formulating the delivery idea.”

To help increase accessibility of on-campus dining options, HUSC volunteers and student groups will deliver food from the Piper Grill themselves. The Piper Grill will take orders at 651-523-3285 and will ask for a Hamline ID number so that the meal can be charged to an existing declining balance. A HUSC volunteer will deliver the food, double check the Hamline ID, and ask for a signature on the receipt. The trial run during spring semester will gauge the level of interest of the Hamline community. Based the success of the program and feedback from students, there is potential for the service to expand by hiring student workers or by accepting alternate forms of payment.

“We will be looking to identify how well this idea goes over and if there are different periods of the day we need to target,” Dining Services Director Meredith Provance said. “We’re hoping with the help of HUSC we’ll be able to get this a lot more streamlined for the rest of the semester and identify if this is something that can be sustained next semester.”

If you have any feedback or questions about the service, contact Dining Services at 651-523-2453 or your HUSC representative.