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Online Master in the Study of Law


Hamline University School of Law has expanded accessibility to its Master’s Degree in the Study of Law with the launch of an online offering. The online Master in the Study of Law (MSL) program offers working professionals the same rigorous, integrated approach to the program as its traditional classroom counterpart. Whether online, in the classroom or in combination, MSL students can complete their master’s degree in as little as 15 months.

“The Master in the Study of Law program equips non-JD students with a foundational knowledge of legal principles that can help them be more successful in their professional lives,” James Coben, academic director of the MSL and Hamline Law professor, said. “The online offering is making the program even more accessible to a wider range of working adults who desire greater familiarity with civil and criminal procedure, dispute resolution, legal writing and such.”

The Master in the Study of Law is for the working professional who recognizes that an understanding of law and conflict resolution will add value to their career but is not seeking a traditional JD degree. With the MSL, students have an alternative path to a valuable legal education.

The MSL program provides:
*Immersion in the “culture of law” (thinking like a lawyer) that will make students superb and sophisticated consumers of legal advice and information;
*Education about how law and the legal process work in general;
*Understanding of how laws are made and policies implemented;
*Tools to evaluate legal authority and how to apply it in diverse factual situations;
*Perspective on the legal implications of workplace decisions;
*Rigorous training in writing clearly and analytically;
*Basic legal research tools; and
*Mastery of conflict resolution theory and practical skills, including negotiation and creative problem-solving

Hamline Law’s MSL conflict resolution emphasis makes this program unique among comparable U.S. programs. Ranked third in the nation in dispute resolution (America’s Best Graduate Schools: U.S. News and World Report 2015 edition), Hamline Law has long recognized that evolution in conflict resolution management is critical. MSL students will learn to become conflict interveners who can deliver real value to employers through their ability to creatively anticipate and solve problems. This focus on practical problem-solving is at the heart of the Hamline MSL, regardless of the delivery format (online or in-residence) and concentration (dispute resolution or health care compliance) chosen by an individual student.

Please note: This program is not approved by the American Bar Association for training paralegals and does not qualify recipients for the practice of law.

Hamline Law was recently ranked the top private law school in Minnesota by U.S. News & World Report. The publication has also ranked Hamline School of Law’s Dispute Resolution Institute in the top five for the fourteenth consecutive year and its Health Law Institute among the top 20 programs nationally.