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Professors Offer Words of Wisdom for Grads on YouTube

Students have learned a lot of important lessons from their professors during their time at Hamline. As the Class of 2013 dons caps and gowns, and prepares to cross that stage to receive well-earned diplomas, their professors have some final words of wisdom to send them on to their next adventure. You can hear these well-wishes and words of advice on Hamline's YouTube channel or by watching the video below. You can read excerpts of the professors' quotes below and tweet your favorite sayings using the hashtag #HamlineWOW. 

Peggy Andrews, Organizational Leadership and Public Policy
"I want you to remember you have a great education from a great institution, and you have been designed to flourish in your life." 

Joe Peschek, Political Science
"Don't worry if you don't have the rest of your life mapped out. I don't see that as a problem. I hope interest in and thinking about deeper issues, thinking about the nature of the world that we live in, and what your role in it should be as a citizen and as a human being will stay with you. "

Mark Berkson, Religion, Middle East Studies, East Asian Studies
"Keep reading. Keep up the craft of writing. Don't let text messaging be your primary form of writing. Be the person that others can count on. So even if you forget the details it's all about maintaining that sense of wonder, and that passion and love of learning." 

Kathryn Burleson, Biology
"Say 'yes' more than you say 'no.' Any opportunity that you might have could be a doorway to new opportunity. Enjoy the little things, for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things." 

Melissa Embser-Herbert, Sociology
"Do what you love. Don't think about a job or anything else in terms of how much money you're going to make, but do what you enjoy and the money will come. And whatever it is you do end up doing, do it with integrity, with honesty."

Rob Routhieaux, Nonprofit Management
"Try to start out every interaction you have with other people with something positive. Get out of your comfort zone. Learn something new. Work hard and have fun while you're doing it. Don't ever take yourself too seriously. Lead a life full of leadership, scholarship, and service." 

Russ Christensen, Modern Languages 
"My thoughts for seniors as you depart this year and go forward in the lifelong pursuit of knowledge, is to remember that knowledge is always incomplete. And indeed, when and if we're sure that we're well-informed it may only be the beginning of a larger and doubtful endeavor."

Stacie Bosley, Economics
"Invest in your retirement and savings the moment you can. The very first moment you have the chance to check that box, do it. You will not miss the money. Hopefully your professional journey truly intrigues you in such a way that you find yourself wanting to return to that work." 

Thomas Burns, Finance and Accounting
"Go make a difference. You make a difference in your own life and you (can) make a difference in the lives of the people you come into contact with." 

Andrea Bell, Latin American Studies, Modern Languages and Literatures
"What I sincerely hope for all of you is that you take the time to get to know your neighbors. We all share this planet so in a sense we are all neighbors. Experiencing life in other, less familiar neighborhoods is one of the best ways of creating empathy, and I truly believe that empathy, more than any other power, can reduce suffering."

Wojciech Komornicki, Mathematics
"Be a problem-solver and don't be afraid of problems. If you know how to do something it's not a problem. So, if you're going to be a problem-solver be aware that you're going to be frustrated, and you're going to bang your head against the wall, but it sure feels good when you stop."

Marcela Kostihova, English
"...You know the most important questions to always ask: Who benefits, and so what? So what? So what? And no matter what always brush your teeth." 

Kim McKeage, Quantitative Methods
"Be kind to people. You never know when the kindness you do for somebody is going to come back and help you down the road. Remember you're always part of the family now so come back and visit us often."