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Hamline’s Coordinator for Campus Recreation Talks Intramurals, Family, and Hamline.

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If you’ve played on an intramural sport team, attended a fitness club, competed in a tournament, or participated in a recreational program at Hamline in the past three years, you likely have Lamar Shingles and his staff to thank.

Shingles, the coordinator for campus recreation, said that in the past year, nearly 2,200 students, faculty, and staff members were involved with campus recreation, a percentage that compares favorably with similar institutions in the region.

“We really want to bring the campus together,” Shingles said. “Our programs and events aren’t just about competition, but also sportsmanship, teamwork, and building community.”

As a part of office headed by director of student leadership and activities Wendy Burns, Shingles oversees Hamline’s intramural program which includes basketball, volleyball, soccer, and flag football. He also coordinates sports clubs like Lacrosse and rock-climbing and plans events like sports tournaments and fitness workshops.

In the past year, Hamline’s campus recreation program has grown significantly much due to Shingles’ passion and hard work. For instance, this year’s intramural volleyball league had a record-setting 20 teams; many fitness clubs have also seen significant growth in membership.

Shingles also oversaw the construction of a new recreation desk in the lower level of Walker Field House. Nearly 500 community members visit the desk every month to check out sports equipment, sign up for events, and even reserve newly-purchased camping gear.

“There’s been a lot of very exciting growth,” Shingles said. “Our programs are an important part of the cocurricular experience. We offer opportunities for learning, teamwork, and leadership.”

Shingles isn’t the only professional in his career field to bear his last name; his father, Stan, is considered a national leader in collegiate recreation. He met his wife Kori during her time as a graduate assistant in his father’s office.

“Recreation is something my family is very passionate about,” Shingles said.

The future of Hamline’s program is bright and Shingles plans on continuing to expand it in order to keep up with increasing demand.

“My biggest priority is giving the Hamline community a place to come together, stay active, and have fun,” Shingles said.