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Hamline Introduces Majors in Digital Media Arts and Health Science, Available Fall of 2012.



Hamline University is introducing two new undergraduate majors, digital media arts and health science, which will launch in the fall of 2012. The programs, structured with an inter-disciplinary approach, are built to accommodate a broad collection of students and their academic and career interests.

Digital Media Arts
Students majoring in digital media arts will take traditional fine arts courses and a variety of other technically-oriented classes to give them both a strong academic foundation and tangible professional skills.

“The entry-level foundations course is a mix of theory through inquiry and hands-on, experiential learning to help students discover the principles and issues through new forms of communications,” said Bill Wallace, chair of the theatre arts department, who is heavily involved in overseeing the new program’s development.

Technical courses for this degree program will include video production and digital photography, among others. Theoretically-oriented courses will include video ethnography, women and film, and social media and the globalization of protest.

To lead this degree program, Hamline is seeking a program director and faculty member who has both a firm background in the fine arts and actual technical expertise.

“We expect this degree program to be a concentration that intentionally overlaps into other areas,” said John Matachek, dean of the College of Liberal Arts. “Over the next few years, we believe the program will grow to about 20 new students each year.”

In addition to hiring a new faculty member, Hamline will build a new digital media lab that will serve as a work space for students in the program.

Health Science Major 

Another new undergraduate major is in health science. This degree program will have two tracks. One is a behavior and social science track for students interested in pursuing psychology, counseling, social policy and advocacy, and social work. The other track is the science of disease, which will help to prepare students who wish to enter professional programs for allied health disciplines or health education.

“Traditionally, students interested in medicine have majored in biology, chemistry, or psychology, while making sure to take required courses by professional programs,” said Presley Martin, chair of the biology department. “The health science major will be focused around public health allowing students to study the things they are most interested in.”

To run the program and teach specific health science courses, such as the introductory course, the methods course, or the senior capstone, Hamline will hire a new faculty member with expertise in public health, epidemiology, or biostatistics.

“Hamline is always looking for new majors that have significant student interest,” said Dean Matachek. “Especially when the university already has faculty expertise and the program’s fit the university’s mission.”

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