Hamline News

Hamline’s Student-Run TV Station Strives to Inform and Foster Community Bonds.

Turn any campus TV to channel 66 and you’ll find the hard work of a group of students who strive to connect and inform members of the Hamline community.

The station, Piper Vision, produces a show every week featuring campus news, events, and student-generated content. Off-campus audiences can watch the content on-demand on the station's YouTube channel.

“Much of our air time goes to submitted material,” Haley Rheinhart, the station manager, said. “We always encourage students, staff, and faculty to participate and let us feature their work.”

The station is in its fifth season and strives to provide fun, engaging content. Unlike the conventional newscast format of its predecessor, Hamline Television, Piper Vision boasts a creative, fast-paced aesthetic with a variety of multimedia sources.

One recurring segment, for instance, is called “One Question” which poses a single query to a variety of campus members and then airs their responses. 

“We want to bring people together as much as possible,” Rheinhart said. “And find out what’s going on around campus—whether that’s events or just what people are talking and thinking about.”

Do you have content you’d like to share with the Hamline community, or an event you want to promote on Piper Vision? Email Piper Vision to get in contact with the station.