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Hamline Alumnus Makes Photographical Debut in Exhibit on Food and Faith

2010 Hamline graduate Bryn Harding has a photographer’s eye and a theologian’s perspective.

This combination resulted in a collection of photography entitled “The Body of Christ,” a meditation on the connection between food production and the divine.

“I very much see the story of the Garden of Eden in Genesis as a call to stewardship of creation,” Harding said. “When we eat, we are nourished by the Earth and by God, as well.”

Currently featured in the Giddens Learning Center Art Gallery, the exhibit observes the beautiful yet fragile nature of agriculture, which Harding believes is threatened.

“Most food comes from monoculture farms that are heavily treated with chemicals,” Harding said. “The wonderful and unique variations that make different species of food-plants distinguishable are being lost.”

The exhibit was commissioned for the 2011 Mahle Lecture in Progressive Christian Thought. The lecture, entitled “Holy Food & Groceries: How Feeding and Healing Transforms Lives,” featured keynote speaker Sara Miles, the founder of The Food Pantry in San Francisco, California.

Fascinated with photography since his youth, Harding’s artistic maturation was brought to new heights during his time at Hamline. Besides developing his own aesthetic in the art program, he also immersed himself in courses offered by the religion department.

Regarding the connection between food and spirituality, Harding says they go hand-in-hand.

“Every time we participate in sharing food, especially with the people whom Christ says that he is especially present with—the poor, naked, hungry, and imprisoned—we are partaking in Communion,” Harding said.

Join Harding and Chaplain Nancy Victorin-Vangerud on Tuesday, August 16 from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. for a light lunch and conversation about the exhibit. For more information, email Chaplain Victorin-Vangerud at nvictorinvangerud01@hamline.edu or call 651-523-2750.