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Hamline Student Orientation Leaders Show Their Rock Star Skills

“Hamline Pipers got it / Open doors await you / make your mark at HU!”

So goes the opening lyrics in the annual orientation department music video. This is an exciting tradition designed to welcome incoming students and families at the Piper Preview summer orientation.

First created in 2009, these annual productions are the creative efforts of Hamline’s orientation leaders—called new student mentors (NSMs)—and other staff members in the office.

“This is one of my favorite projects to work on,” said Matt Petersen, an orientation and first year programs marketing intern. “A fun music video with NSMs rocking out has a way of lessening the tension and showing the new students that the Hamline’s orientation program is a blast.”

Productions from previous years include themes from “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus and “All-Star” by Smash Mouth. This year’s video was a lyrical spoof of Journey’s 1980 classic “Any Way You Want It”.

"We chose that song because we thought it would be a good beginning for the 'Journey' the first-year students are about to embark on," said Angela Lesnak, a junior and new student mentor.

Lesnak worked with a committee to develop the lyrics and concept for the production. The creative process required to produce the video spanned several months, and included writing scenes and lyrics, recording sessions for the vocals, rehearsals, and a full day of filming around campus.

“My favorite part was singing in the recording studio and hearing the final product,” said Ben Honda, a junior international business major and new student mentor.  “I think it turned out awesome!”

Troy Schillinger, also a new student mentor, concurred and said he enjoyed showing his Piper Pride.

“I want all of the new students to be as excited about Hamline as I am,” Schillinger said.

In addition to a bombastic performance on the front steps of Old Main, the video shows off various aspects of student life, including organizations, leadership, and living in the residence halls.

“The enthusiasm of the new student mentors is really what made the video,” Petersen said. “With that kind of Piper Pride, I know the class of 2015 is going to have so much fun in their first year at Hamline.”

Check out the latest video below or go to the Hamline YouTube channel to watch past music videos: