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Hamline School of Education Transforms Undergrads Into Next Generation of Teachers

Whether it is a teacher who inspired them, a mentor who encouraged them, or the thrill of watching a young person spark to an idea, Hamline education majors and minors have all sorts of reasons for pursuing a career in teaching. When they enter the Hamline School of Education, they join a well-respected and passionate community of teachers and learners.

“It’s a huge responsibility to make sure students leave Hamline prepared to meet the needs of the youth in future classrooms,” Assistant Professor Letitia Basford said. “We have an incredibly dedicated faculty who produce excellent teachers.”

Hands-on learning in K-12 classrooms starts early for undergraduates. From observing great teachers and tutoring young students to leading a class as a student-teacher, education majors spend extensive time in real-life classroom scenarios.

“I have friends who are taking classes at other colleges, and they don’t get into a K-12 classroom until their junior year,” education minor Sarah VanDusseldorp said. “So far, I’ve been in a classroom with kids in Saint Paul every semester I’ve been here.”

Students may choose to pursue a teacher’s license in elementary education, or any number of number of specialties in secondary education such as: chemistry, literature, mathematics, physics, social studies, ESL, Spanish, German, French, health education and theatre. Hamline also offers liberal arts degrees in more than 40 areas of study that compliment the education major or minor and allows students to pursue a variety of interests.

“There are lots of opportunities at Hamline. A ton of them,” said Chad Fuller, who is triple majoring in education, political science, and social studies.

Fuller plans to take advantage of the mentoring and tutoring opportunities available in schools like the Hancock-Hamline University Collaborative Magnet School which is located right across the street from Hamline’s Saint Paul campus.

“Seeing that light bulb go off when you’ve gotten through to a child is a huge payback for what you give,” Fuller said. “I know that this is the field that I want to go into, and I think I’ll do really well.”

Hear from students and faculty themselves by clicking on the video below. Make sure to check out our YouTube channel to see the latest videos of student life at Hamline.