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Hamline Seniors Ready for Life After College, While Other Students Prepare


Hamline University’s faculty and Career Development Center are helping seniors get jobs and underclassmen secure exciting internships.

Kate Reeher, a senior economics major and philosophy minor, will be working for Thomson Reuters as a software engineer after graduation. She actually met recruiters from the company at a job fair co-sponsored by the Career Development Center.

Reeher credits her experiences working at Hamline’s Information Technology Services helpdesk, and internships with a software development company and as a financial analyst for a non-profit with helping her.

Reeher is hardly the only student to find work or internships through Hamline. Senior physics and business administration double major Jon Soli currently has a paid internship with Image Sensing Systems.

“I was hired by Chad Stolzig, who was a physics major at Hamline,” Soli said. “They were looking for people who have experience in a certain programming language, which I had.”

Image Sensing Systems was so pleased with Soli’s work they kept him on even though the internship was supposed to end after fall semester. This fall Soli will be headed to the Duke University Electrical Engineering PhD program, which he is being paid to attend. Soli says his experiences at Hamline, doing summer research, and in this internship were crucially important to getting into the PhD program.

“Physics professor Andy ‘Superfly’ Rundquist has been a great advisor and support system,” Soli said. “He really cares about students and teaching.”

Interest in ensuring student success after college appears to be a common interest among Hamline professors. Mickey Witt, a junior criminal justice major and Spanish minor, who is interning this summer with the FBI in Milwaukee, gives his advisor a lot of credit for helping him land the prestigious position.

“Criminal justice professor Jerry Krause is really the only reason that I got this internship,” Witt said. “He told me about the opportunity, wrote me a letter of recommendation, and proofread my application essay.”

Witt is interested in a law enforcement career at the local or federal level. To get prepared Witt also has interned with the Dakota County Sheriff’s Department and the City of Roseville Police Department.

“The Career Development Center was really important for me as well,” Witt said. “They spent a lot of time working with me on my resume and essay, and helping me prepare for the phone interview.

Casey Willmarth, a senior communications studies major and business administration minor, also started a paid internship that recently turned into a full-time job. After graduation, Willmarth will begin working as a full-time online marketing and sales account manager for Mpls St. Paul Magazine.

“I started as an intern in January to fulfill Hamline’s the Leadership, Education, and Development graduation requirement,” Willmarth said. “It was a good fit and they encouraged me to stay until I got a job.”

Mpls-St. Paul Magazine was not Willmarth’s first experience in communications, she worked for three-and-half-years in the Hamline Marketing Communications Department and has interned with several other media firms.

“My work study experience really helped me,” Willmarth said. “Mass communications classes with Professor Suda Ishida helped to prepare me as well.”

The close connection between students and their advisors is not unique to these students. At Hamline, every student has a faculty advisor to guide them through their time in school and into the opportunities beyond. These students’ experience with the Career Development Center is hardly unusual.

“This year we have met with students over 4000 times,” Lauren Kavan, Career Development Center internship program director said.

In addition to individual meetings, the Career Development Center holds a variety of workshops, presentations, and events to help Hamline students prepare for the future.

For more information on academics, admissions, and the Career Development Center at Hamline University visit their respective web pages.