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School of Business Publishes New Book on Politics

Politainment by David Schultz

Hamline University School of Business professor David Schultz recently published a new book: Politainment: The Ten Rules of Contemporary Politics: A citizens' guide to understanding campaigns and elections. 

Schultz argues that the contemporary political environment is actually the merger of politics and entertainment—a concept he calls “politainment.” It is a world where politicians seek to be celebrities and celebrities run for political office. Politainment is the politics using late-night talk shows, the 24 hours a day news cycles, and entertainment venues and techniques to capture the limited attention of voters and viewers.

Schultz’s new book examines the key concepts of this new world of politainment. He describes 10 simple rules for successful political campaigns—such as politics are like selling beer and define or be defined—to explain what it takes to win in politics and why politicians and the media need one another.

Politainment: The Ten Rules of Contemporary Politics is written for political junkies, journalists and those exploring American politics for the first time.

The 74 page paperback is published by Amazon and can be purchased exclusively on Amazon.com.