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Do You Have the H-Factor?

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Do you have the H-Factor?

So ask the posters and banners found across campus that promote the annual undergraduate student leadership selection drive. This year’s campaign, entitled “The H-Factor,” seeks to excite and promote interest in a variety of leadership positions for the coming year. The month-long process culminates with candidate interviews at the end of February. Last year, over 200 students submitted applications.

“Hamline offers amazing and diverse opportunities for undergrads to engage in leadership,” Jayne Sommers, assistant director for student success and transition, said.

Sommers supervises the nearly 40 new student mentors who are hired every year. They provide incoming undergraduates with a warm welcome to Hamline and guidance through various orientation programs as they transition to life as college students. Other open positions include residence advisors, tour guides, and summer conference assistants. All roles require students who have communication, organization, and leadership skills, as well as enthusiasm and passion for Hamline. The selection process is a highly-collaborative effort between the many offices that collectively seek to hire future campus leaders.

One of the most impressive elements of the recruitment drive is that student leaders create the entire marketing campaign—including postcards, signage, and a video (you can watch the video below).

Taylor Williams, communications and marketing intern at Hamline’s Center for Student Success and Transition, is chiefly responsible for the development and execution of the “H-Factor” campaign.

“When designing the marketing materials, I wanted to highlight the community that is built amongst student leaders,” Williams said. “It’s so important to what we do.”

Sommers said that featuring a marketing campaign created by current leaders helps inspire others to get involved on campus.

“If you have the ‘H-Factor,’ we hope you consider applying for a position,” Sommers said. “It’s an incredible experience. 

If you're a current student interested in becoming a Hamline ambassador, new student mentor, resident advisor, summer conference assistant, or a student center front desk staff member, go to the student leader selection web page for more information. Application deadline is Monday, February 13 at 11:59 p.m.

Check out Williams' video here or on Hamline's YouTube channel.