Hamline News

Anderson Center Construction Continues

After spending the summer removing 45,000 cubic yards of dirt and the fall building the steel frame and pouring concrete, construction of the Anderson Center is well underway. By the end of February, the exterior terra cotta walls are expected to be in place. The interior of the center is now being fitted for air ducts, electrical systems, and dry wall. This year’s unusually mild winter has helped the project stay right on schedule.

“You factor a couple extra days into the timeline for bad weather, but we haven’t had to use them,” Lowell Bromander, associate vice president for facilities services, said. “The good weather has been helpful.”

The use of green building techniques and technologies will maximize the energy efficiency of the Anderson Center. Included in the building design are rooftop solar panels that will generate up to 17 kilowatts of electricity and a green roof to help reduce water run-off and heat loss. The building also features the extensive use of windows to increase the amount of natural light inside.

According to Bromander, the project is currently on schedule and should be done by this August. Learn more about the construction project and watch the live construction camera.