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Counseling & Health Services Director Shares Passion for Doing Good, Helping Students Succeed


Hussein Rajput said he feels privileged to hear students’ stories and challenges as well as share their successes.

“It’s a stressful time to be a college student. There’s so much more on a student’s plate than ever before,” Rajput, a six-year veteran of Hamline and director of the university’s counseling and health services, said. “There is so much pressure to do that we unfortunately don’t spend enough time reflecting.”

As a doctor of counseling psychology, Rajput not only co-supervises a staff of nine but also serves as one of six counselors. Together, his team provides services to hundreds of Hamline students each year.
Rajput said that his goal for the office is to provide holistic support for students, whether for physical illness or mental and emotional health concerns.

“I see our work as being part of students’ overall education,” Rajput said. “Being a well-rounded person doesn’t just mean book smarts. It’s also about learning more about ourselves. College can often be a time of strong identity and relational development.”

One of Rajput’s and his staff’s newest undertakings is Help at Hamline, an online nexus of resources for students, staff, faculty and parents. The site is an all-in-one location that provides a wide spectrum of contacts, links, and information available for various concerns and situations.

Offering that helping hand and doing good in the Hamline community is an intrinsic part of Rajput’s vision for counseling and health services.

“There’s definitely a social justice component to what we do,” Rajput said. “Some students have felt marginalized or ostracized, and we guide them as they build themselves up. The Hamline community is a welcoming place, and it often allows for mending experiences.”

Rajput said his favorite part of his job is to help students overcome challenges and go on to find success.

“Graduation isn’t just about getting a diploma but also about personal triumphs. When I see students I’ve worked with walk across the stage, I feel honored to share in their accomplishments.”

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