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New Marketing Analytics Clinic Offers Business Experience to Students

Hamline University School of Business recently launched a Marketing Analytics Clinic (MAC) to employ students as associate consultants for small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits on projects at the intersection of marketing and business analytics. The MAC is the first paid internship program to focus on the analysis of marketing data in the Twin Cities.

“Companies and brands have an overwhelming number of data sources to analyze—from Google Analytics to CRM systems to social media and consumer research—and the goal of the clinic is two-fold: to use machine learning analytics to synthesize findings from all these disparate sources and two: to offer an elite, paid opportunity for our students,” said Sonal Gerten, a marketing instructor who developed the program with Dr. Brett Devine, assistant professor of business analytics.

“Almost all organizations benefit from fresh perspectives derived from research and applied to their specific problems,” said Jason Jennings, a member of the School of Business Marketing Advisory Board, which helped shape the new program, and general manager for Mortenson, a construction and real estate company.

Gerten and Devine play an active role in the MAC and will assist and mentor students in all aspects of the client relationship. They are in the process of securing the first client and defining the scope of the initial project.

Four undergraduate students have been hired for the first MAC cohort. They will begin work at the start of the spring semester.

Alex Rouse ’22 is majoring in finance and marketing.

“I'm very excited to tackle this internship and make the most of it, but I also know that we are, to some degree, setting the stage for future students who apply for this internship as well. I want to make sure that while we are making the most of the internship and learning as much as we can, we are also doing so in the most respectful way possible,” said Rouse.

Max Bolger ’22 is pursuing a major in computational data science and minors in business analytics and economics.

“My ultimate career goal is to be a data scientist within a company or organization. I am not too particular on which field yet, although I am quite interested in sports analytics and think that would be a very fun job to have! Regardless, this internship revolves around data science, so it fits my career goals perfectly,” said Bolger.

When asked why she pursued the opportunity, Shanoah Harren ‛21, a business analytics major with a minor in computational data science, said, “It was a combination of needing internship credit to graduate on time and the appeal of working with Hamline faculty. This way I know I’ll be receiving the best work experience with expert support and a motivated team.”

She feels well-prepared for the position.

“The core business classes have armed me with practical knowledge, a marketing foundation and crucial storytelling skills that are important for successfully communicating technical information,” said Harren. “I also feel more prepared with the addition of a data science track; the technical and mathematical tools will serve me well when working with large amounts of data and completing higher levels of analysis.”

Dominic Hebel-Barreto ’21 is a marketing major with a minor in digital media arts. He also feels prepared for the work and is eager to learn about marketing analytics in a client setting.

“I look forward to applying the skills I've learned throughout my education and acquiring some real world experience working with real clients,” said Hebel-Barreto. “This marketing analytics position will allow me to gain some experience in the field and help me figure out if I want to pursue a position in marketing with analytics after I graduate.”

“We are able to provide these students with paid, real-world experience that also will serve a local business or organization. It is a great opportunity for students to learn and apply machine learning to marketing challenges such as segmenting, targeting and positioning,” said Devine.

Bolger believes that the experience with the MAC will boost his career prospects. He said, “This internship will definitely give me the experience I need for when I am applying to full-time jobs in the future!”

Written by staff