• Campus Colleague Program

    The Dean of Students office in collaboration with the Academic Dean's office recruit and match staff members with faculty members teaching a First Year Semester (FYSem) class for incoming first-year students. Campus Colleagues are staff members of Hamline who have volunteered to be a part of a FYSem. Just like the new student mentor, campus colleagues meet with the first year students of their seminars about a month into school to see how the students are doing. The FYSem professor, new student mentor, and campus colleague all work together to ensure that the students of their FYSem are doing well at Hamline.

    Questions about the campus colleague portion of the First-Year Seminar should be directed to Patti Klein, Dean of Students, 651-523-2421.  

    First Year Seminar

    Please visit the First-Year Students website for additional information about the First-Year Seminar.