Student Health Insurance and Health Services Fees

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Access to health care and health insurance is vital to preventing and treating illness and injury. Hamline University provides health insurance to eligible students and allows others to opt out and use other forms of insurance. Please review the following information carefully to learn if you are eligible for Hamline's health insurance coverage and how to opt in or out of coverage.

Student health insurance

Health insurance waiver/request deadline: September 21, 2022, for the academic year.
Cost for 2022–2023: $2,543

Undergraduate students 

All undergraduate students registered for at least 8 credits are required to have health and accident insurance. These students are automatically enrolled in and charged for Hamline's health insurance coverage.

If students have their own policy, they must waive the insurance charge through the link in Workday. To waive the health insurance charge, log into Workday and navigate to your Finances dashboard. Under My Accounts, select "More" to view all the links and select the link "Health Insurance Waiver or Enroll." You will be redirected to our health insurance partner's site where you can follow the directions to complete the waiver. Processing time for the waiver will be 24 to 48 hours. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the Workday Student Resources Google Site. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Caryn Dahl at 651-523-2531 or 800-888-2182.

If students do not go online to waive this fee by the specified deadline, they will be enrolled in Hamline's health insurance plan and will be responsible for the cost of that coverage.

Note: Students must waive the health insurance each academic year. No waiver will be carried over from one academic year to the next. Students must be enrolled in at least 8 credits for the fall and spring semester to keep the insurance year-round.

International students

Please note that Hamline's policy which governs the waiving of the student health insurance policy is different for international students due to visa regulations. Please visit the website of the Global Engagement Center for more information about International Insurance and Waivers. The deadline for students to submit their waiver form is listed above.

Graduate students

Graduate students are not eligible to participate in the university-sponsored student insurance plan. If you are a graduate student seeking health insurance for yourself or your family, you can learn about a variety of options through Minnesota's health insurance marketplace, MNsure.

For information specific to your coverage, please contact Counseling and Health Services at 651-523-2204 or visit United Healthcare Student Resources.

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