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Endo Presents

Rachel Endo, chair of teacher education in the Hamline School of Education, recently presented at three sessions for the Association for Asian American Studies Conference in San Francisco.

Her first presentation, Dis/connecting Practice and Theory: Bridging Asian American Studies and K-12 Clinical Preparation, was for the session, The Great Third Coast: How Teaching in the Midwest and South Challenges Asian American Studies.

Her second presentation, The Educational Aspirations and Expectations of Japanese Immigrant Parents: New Directions for Language and Literacy Education, was part of the panel session, Lessons Learned After 40 years: The Impact of Lau vs. Nichols on Linguistic Minorities.

Her final presentation, Alternative Literacies, Counter-Narratives, and Other Discursive Enactments of Transnational Identities: The case of 1.5-Generation Japanese Immigrant Youth, was for the session, Reimagining and Rebordering the Education of Asian American Children and Youth.