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Taylor Earns Doctorate of Educational Leadership Degree

Naomi Taylor, lecturer in the School of Education and Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching, has completed her study, Exploring How Faculty Members in Higher Education Respond to an Assessment of their Intercultural Competency, earning her a Doctorate of Educational Leadership Degree.

The study addressed the response of faculty members in higher education completing the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) to measure their developmental level of intercultural competency. In addition, the study described how faculty members implemented their intercultural development plans (IDPs) and also identified the supports or barriers to their future development of intercultural competency.
The literature review examined research on both K-12 and higher education to highlight the problems related to diversity and culturally relevant pedagogy that are consistent at all levels of education. Three case studies and one partial case study were cross-examined to capture the similarities and differences between faculty members’ experiences and interpretations.

Results indicated the participants are in agreement regarding their role in creating safe spaces for students and striving towards equity and social justice in higher education. The participants also expressed a desire to model for students and colleagues the handling of cultural conflict and differences. Culturally relevant teaching and professional learning communities were identified as two areas of faculty development that institutions of higher education should support. Results from the study indicated that participants had both positive and negative responses to completing the IDI survey.

After participating in the study, faculty members demonstrated a deeper understanding of their developmental level of intercultural competency.