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Basford Publishes Chapter in New Book

Hamline University Professor Letitia Basford published a chapter in the newly released book, Proud to be Different, published by Rowman & Littlefield. Ethnocentric-niche public charter schools are only a small percentage of the growing number of public charter schools in the United States. However, they provide opportunities for instructional innovation to enhance student learning, parental engagement and involvement, and partnerships with community organizations. Through an intriguing set of case studies, the book describes schools trying new educational strategies to provide high-quality public school experiences to students.

Additionally, this book explores the primary issues raised regarding ethnocentric-niche schools, such as whether these schools will assimilate students into the larger set of democratic beliefs and values that public schools have been expected to instill and whether these schools cross legal boundaries. The book serves as a great resource for the debate on the purpose and function of public schools. The book is now available on Amazon.