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Hamline Now Offers Users Google Groups

Google Groups provide a convenient way to create online groups and email distribution lists. They are now available for request by Hamline students, faculty, and staff through Hamline’s Google domain. Google groups can be used to create a single email address for a group of individuals, making it easy to have conversations on any number of topics by email or by using a web forum, keeping messages grouped together. Google Groups are also a good way to share documents and to easily schedule meetings across several members’ Google calendars through the use of the group’s single email address.

There are three types of Google Groups. They include:

Ad-Hoc Groups: These are temporary working groups, such as project teams and unofficial student organizations. Membership is controlled by the group manager within the Google Apps interface. Ad-Hoc Groups are intended to expire annually, following the end of spring semester.

Standing Groups: These are official Hamline groups that are inter-departmental or have a campus-wide focus. Examples include university committees, several student workers within a department, and officially-recognized student organizations. Membership for these groups is controlled by the group manager by using Hamline’s system of record. Membership must be reviewed by the group manager at least annually.

Affiliation Groups: These are official Hamline groups. They include but are not limited to administrative staff departments, school staff and faculty, and class rosters. Membership in such groups is controlled automatically through Hamline’s central information system (Banner).

To request the creation of a Google Group in the Hamline University domain, please fill out the request form: Request for Google Group. Information Technology Services (ITS) will contact the requestor within 3-5 business days to define the scope and timeframe for the group creation.

Learn more about Hamline’s Google Group Policy. Best practices and training materials are available on the Knowledge Base page. If you have questions, please email the ITS HelpDesk or call 651-523-2220.