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Failinger Soon to be Published


Hamline School of Law Professor Marie Failinger will soon have her book, Feminism Law and Religion, published by Ashgate Publishing at the end of July. Failinger co-edited the book with Elizabeth R. Schiltz and Susan J. Stabile, both of the University of Saint Thomas Law School. With contributions from some of the most prominent voices writing on gender, law, and religion today, this book illuminates some of the conflicts at the intersection of feminism, theology and law. It examines a range of themes from the viewpoint of identifiable traditions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism, from a theoretical and practical perspective. Among the themes discussed are the cross-over between religious and secular values and assumptions in the search for a just jurisprudence for women, the application of theological insights from religious traditions to legal issues at the core of feminist work, feminist legal readings of scriptural texts on women’s rights and the place that religious law has assigned to women in ecclesiastic life.