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Professors speak to media on Supreme Court rulings


Several Hamline Law professors have been interviewed by local media regarding the recent Supreme Court rulings.

Professor Marie Failinger (pictured) offered her expertise on constitutional law in an interview with MinnPost regarding the Supreme Court's recent ruling on affirmative action.

Meanwhile, Professors Jason Marisam and Morgan Holcomb offered their insight on the same-sex marriage rulings. Marisam was interviewed on-air with KARE 11 and spoke to Channel 12, a service of Northwest Community Television providing local news, sports and special events coverage for cable subscribers in the Twin Cities northwest suburbs.

Holcomb also spoke on the same-sex marriage ruling. In an interview with MinnPost, she noted that the fact that the majority held that the decision was a question of equal protection suggests that the high court may not be done with gay marriage.

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