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McFarland Named Emeritus Professor


Following his retirement from full-time teaching and writing on December 31, 2012, Hamline School of Law Professor Douglas McFarland has been named emeritus professor of law. Since December, McFarland has continued various writing projects, including two law review articles on supplemental jurisdiction that were in the pipeline and another supplement to his treatise Minnesota Civil Practice. Soon he will self-publish, The Chief: A Novel of the Supreme Court, which employs his experiences working at the Court in the 1980s while on leave from Hamline. On other days, he works diligently at lowering his golf handicap. McFarland joined colleagues Joe Daly, Cathy Deal, William Martin, Mary Jane Morrison, and Jim Pielemeier in retiring from Hamline School of Law during the 2012-13 academic year. These six professors have a combined 217 years of service to Hamline. Morrison, Daly, McFarland, and Pielemeier have been honored with the rank of emeritus professor following their retirement announcements. The Hamline community thanks them for their continued dedication to the School of Law.